5 Must have SEO Tools for every digital marketer

5 Best SEO tools for every digital marketer

One of the challenges that every website owner faces is making sure that you can reach clients and grow your business. But it can be difficult without investing a lot of money in SEO. With that being said, there are plenty of SEO tools you can use, and they have the ability to help optimize your website and take it to the next level. It might not seem like a lot at first, but the benefits you can get are nothing short of incredible. Here are some of the top SEO tools you can find right now and which you can start using for your own business.

This is a free tool and what it does is it allows you to see the way Google indexes and Crawls your site. But the best part is that it will also help you diagnose a variety of potential technical issues. This helps a lot especially if you are just getting started in the world of marketing, if you want to boost your visibility on Google and other stuff like that. It makes sense to use such a tool since it can make it easier to bring in more traffic.

The data offered by this Search Console is actually very comprehensive. You can access the search queries for the site, and it’s just a highly efficient, professional tool with a lot of creative systems in place. That goes to show the exceptional value of SEO tools like this, since you will learn how to make your website better without having to dela with a lot of major challenges. Just give it a try, it’s free and certainly one of those tools that can turn things around when it comes to the quality and value you can receive. It’s going to make it easier for you to assess and improve your SEO. The same thing can be said about Google Analytics, which is a very powerful tool with lots of information and metrics regarding your website.

5 must have SEO tools for every digital marketer

Ahrefs has a very good reputation online when it comes to keyword research, but also for tracking backlinks. Another advantage with Ahrefs is that it can actively help you track the competitors, see what kind of keywords they are using and a lot of information similar to that. When you want to grow your business and learn as much as possible from an SEO standpoint, this is the right tool for you.

With its help you will get to do an SEO audit, you can also assess the content value, and you also have keyword tools for platforms like Amazon, WordPress and YouTube. That really sweetens an already amazing deal, and that’s why we think this is a very solid option with some really impressive features that you rarely get to see anywhere else. That’s why we think this one is going to be well worth a try.

5 must have SEO tools for every digital marketer

Moz has a whole in one SEO toolset. They have tools for keyword research, keyword analysis, link building, local listing audits, website performance tools and many others. Another thing to note is that you also have free SEO education on the platform where they cover simpler, but also advanced tactics you can start using right away. It really is a very interesting and downright exceptional tool that will impress you with how much it can deliver and the value that you can get from it.

Some tools are paid when it comes to Moz, but there are free ones too. It’s safe to say that if you want to get started with SEO or just need a good set of reliable SEO tools, then Moz is definitely a very good starting point. It has a whole bunch of stuff to offer, and the quality as a whole is a lot better than you might expect. That’s why you have to give it a try, and you will be very happy with the results.

5 must have SEO tools for every digital marketer

When it comes to growing your online presence, you always need a reliable tool like SEMrush. What they do is they check competitors to see how they rank and what keywords they use. It’s also great for content marketing and keyword tracking. Keyword research in particular is extremely good here, which is why SEMrush has managed to grow quite a lot over the years. And on top of that, you will be impressed with the attention to detail and exceptional value for money.

SEMrush does a very good job when it comes to showing how many times the keyword has appeared in top 10 results. It makes ranking a certain keyword much easier, and it does have all the information that you may need. All in all, this is a solid option and one that will help bring in front exceptional results all the time.

5 must have SEO tools for every digital marketer

Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress that will tell you how to optimize your site for search engines. It’s one of the very best tools you can use to optimize for search engines. Not only will it give you an exceptional set of informational pieces, but it can be great for keyword research, XML sitemaps, content analysis and more. It’s always hard to figure out how to improve your ranking, and with tools like this you really get to do that. Which is why we think that Yoast SEO is one of the top tools for SEO enthusiasts and beginners alike.

5 must have SEO tools for every digital marketer


As you can see, there are plenty of SEO tools you can get started with right away. These are exceptional tools with a lot of creativity and value for money. You will appreciate their return on investment, and the results as a whole are quite amazing. Plus, the best part is that these tools are either free or they have a free version you can test out. Which means you will have no problem finding the best option to fit your requirements!

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