The next iPad mini won’t fold

If you’ve been waiting for a new iPad mini and hoping it will fold, we have some bad news. According to the well-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPad mini 7 won’t be much different than the iPad mini 6.

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Well-known analyst tweets

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, has reported that the iPad mini 7 will not be as different from the iPad mini 6 as previously expected. He has noted that a folding iPad mini is not likely to be released due to the high price tag, and that the main selling point of the new iPad mini will be its processor. Kuo believes that the iPad mini 7 will not be available until the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, and speculated that the device may have Apple Pencil Hover and Wi-Fi 6E capabilities, as well as Stage Manager support.

A foldable ipad is unlikely

The possibility that the iPad mini will fold is unlikely, according to analyst According to the analyst, the new iPad mini will set itself apart from the old iPad mini primarily through a processor upgrade in terms of performance, so a design upgrade is rather unlikely, at least for the time being. This also seems to apply to the iPad mini Fold, which was recently rumored in the media through leaks from South Korea, which Ming-Chi Kuo classifies as rather unlikely. According to the analyst, a foldable iPad mini would be significantly more expensive than the classic tablet, so a replacement is hardly justifiable. After all, the analyst doesn’t rule out Apple developing a foldable iPad in addition to the established iPads. Many sources have already confirmed in the past that Apple is working on foldables, but the launch of a foldable iPhone or iPad is not expected in 2023 either.

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