What should you know about the Tesla Bot Optimus?

Elon Musk is widely known for his revolutionary business ideas and forward thinking solutions. After working on companies like Tesla, Space X or Solar City, Musk has another project in mind, and that’s to create a robot for business or personal use. The project name is Optimus, and the Tesla bot project is slowly evolving year by year. Now we finally know the specs of this bot, and they are quite impressive.

A video made by The Verge about the Optimus Robot.

What are the Optimus specs?

The Optimus robot from Tesla is still heavy into production, so these specs are bound to change. But for the time being, the bot is 173 cm high, it has 73 kg and it has a carrying capacity of 20 kg. It’s also faster than a human, since it comes with a speed of 8 km/h. On top of that, it can deadlift 68 kg, and the arm extend lift is 4.5 kg.

The team behind this bot stated that the unit has 28 actuators and it comes with a TESLA SOC bot brain. Not only that, but the hands come with 11 degrees of freedom. For the time being, 2 robots were presented, the Bumble C that was a rough development robot designed to perform pre-recorded movement. A second robot was also showcased, this one being close to the production model. That second robot comes with an external covering, although its functions are still in development.

Optimus will be a battery-based robot, and it seems that it will come with a 2.3 kWh battery. That might help last for an entire day of work. When it comes to the availability, Musk stated that customers will be able to order one within 3-5 years. The production is still ongoing and new features are added to the unit, but we will be able to grab our own Optimus this decade.

Tesla Bot Optimus
A “close to production” prototype Optimus robot waves to the crowd.
 Image: Tesla

How much will the Optimus robot cost?

According to Musk, the main focus is to create a very useful humanoid robot, one that would not be very expensive. He wants to create millions of units in the long run, and he aims for the price to be less expensive than a car, so in his words it will be way less than $20000. Musk aims to use these robots as an aim to remove poverty in the future, while transforming our civilization.


The Optimus robot is an incredible achievement, and what’s amazing is how much the robot has evolved in the last 9 months. There are still a lot of improvements to be made, not only feature-wise, but also when it comes to the design as well. The fact that we still have to wait around 3-5 years for a finished product shows that there are many challenges to overcome until a production unit is ready. Then again, this is a revolutionary idea, and one that will be able to change business, but also our day to day lives!

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